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Hawai`i Veterans Summit Foundation

2019 Hawai`i State Veterans Summit

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The State of Hawai‘i Office of Veterans Services is proud to announce the Inaugural Hawai‘i Veterans Summit, to be held in Honolulu on June 21-22, 2019 at the Hawai'i Convention Center.

Over a two-day period, veterans, veterans’ organizations, and supportive services from all echelons, to include Federal, State, County, and private non-profit agencies will be able to educate and network with veterans and their loved ones. The Department of Veterans’ Affairs will provide the latest information on benefits and health care. Representatives from several service providers will be in attendance to interact with veterans to learn more about the needs of the veteran community. Connecting veterans with vital services, conducting workshops, offering support meetings, employment information, cultural activities, ceremonies, guest speakers, veterans benefits coordination, Social Security briefings, and women veterans discussions are all part of the agenda.

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In order to provide a continued foundation for this program in Hawai‘i, the Hawai‘i State Veterans Summit Executive Committee is seeking to create an operating budget and build funding, which will fund the variety of services offered during this biennial event. There is no paid staff and every dollar directly benefits the participants of the Hawai‘i State Veterans Summit.

We have partnered with the Honolulu Council of the Navy League to create a sustainable program. The State Office of Veterans Services plans to hold summits every two years to keep all stakeholders up-to-date on the latest information and services.

The Veterans Summit needs your support to build a sustainable network of information for our veterans and their families. 

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Hawai`i Veterans Summit June 21-22, 2019