Blue Water Interactive Map


The Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2019 Map provides a way for veterans to determine if their ship entered the zone created by the law. Our team extensively researched ways to simplify the process of verifying whether coordinates from ship logs were inside the zone. We settled on using the Google Maps API. Our team used the points identified by the law and then extended those 12 nm seaward as defined by the law.

Veterans can access Vietnam era ship logs on the site. Ship logs are scanned by ship name and date. Our team is working hard to enter coordinates from ship logs, building a database of ships, dates and coordinates to facilitate searches. We are grateful to have had many ship logs extracted and imported in large part from the compilation work of Ed Ball, Director of Research of MVA & BWNA.

Veterans can select their ship from the list to see the points and dates that have been entered so far for that ship.

Maps can be saved and resumed for later review by clicking the Save button. This will provide you with a URL that can be saved as a bookmark or electronically shared with others. 

*This map was created by Hill & Ponton Disability Attorneys. Inclusion of this resource is not intended to serve as an endorsement or recommendation for their services.


Agent Orange exposure on Navy or Coast Guard ships

Did you serve on a Blue Water Navy vessel offshore of the Republic of Vietnam, or on another U.S. Navy or Coast Guard ship operating in the coastal waterways of Vietnam, between January 9, 1962, and May 7, 1975?

If yes, you may have had contact with Agent Orange, an herbicide used to clear trees and plants during the war. We refer to this as a presumption of contact. Find out if you can get disability compensation and other benefits for illnesses we believe are caused by exposure to Agent Orange.

More information is available on the downloadable sheets below.

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Blue Water Navy Downloads

Blue Water Navy Factsheet (pdf)


Blue Water Navy FAQs (pdf)


Shiplist 10.28.2019 (pdf)