Veterans Transition Guide

This Guide was created by Blake Stilwell and published by Military Times

So you finally came around to the idea that you might have what it takes to make it in civilian life? What took you so long? You can trudge through mud and rain while training for three days, stand watch through a humid night in the Baghdad suburbs, or maintain the latest in multi-million-dollar aircraft technology, but you weren’t sure if you could commute to an office somewhere for eight hours a day? Son, that might be your only problem.

But there’s a lot of ground to cover before you start writing TPS reports.

Getting out of the military is a big deal, about as big a deal as going in. It’s not something you just want to up and do one day. If all you do is fill out a checklist and then go back to your hometown and think everything is just going to work out, you’re gonna be in for a big surprise. There are actually some things you’ll want to think about before you go back to the block. Starting with what exactly you want to do when you get out of that uniform.

Which, we’re probably going to need back, by the way.

Will you actually be getting a civilian job? Do you want to do the same thing out there that you did in the military? Or will you go to school? Where will you do these things? How will you prepare to pay for them while you wait for benefits … do you even know how to get into the VA system? You may have it all figured out as an E-4. But the mafia doesn’t teach you about Tuition Assistance, the blended retirement system, or getting a VA home loan. Some of that’s what the Transition Assistance Program teaches. (You did know about the TAP class, right?)

It behooves you to read on. Careful though, there are a lot of big words coming your way.

All of this might seem overwhelming. And it is overwhelming, especially if you want to cover all your bases, have all the information, and make the best call for your future self. Have a seat, stick around for a while and we’ll go through everything you need to know, starting with an honest, no-BS assessment of whether this is actually the right time for you to even leave the military. We’ll cover tuition assistance and everything else you need to know and do before you blow this popsicle stand while maxing out all the benefits Uncle Sam promised you on the outside. We’ll even find out if your military job has a career equivalent in the world outside the guard shacks.

No matter what your answers to these questions might be, this guide will also help you write the kind of resume that blows away interviewers like only a veteran of the profession of arms can. You’ll find out what a job fair is for, what you can expect in an interview, and – most importantly – how to avoid screwing it up. We’re even going to teach you what to do when you land that big job offer.

Maybe some of you have skills beyond what the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines will actually trust you to look after. If that’s so, you also likely have the temperament to start your own businesses instead of depending on someone else for your payday. You all had what it took to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. You certainly have what it takes to support you and your dependents. You just have to be smart about it.

We’ll gonna break it all down for you, Barney-style, one last time.

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